October 23, 2019


Outside Fun All Day Long!!!

SCA Barony of the Iron Bog

Mystic Realms LARPing

The Barony of Iron Bog is a branch of the Society for Creative Anachronism whose lands include Gloucester, Camden, and south Burlington counties in the state of New Jersey. In the SCA, we are the southernmost barony in the East Kingdom.

The SCA is an international organization dedicated to research and education about pre-1600’s Europe and the countries that had contact with it. We learn about the Middle Ages by living it—making and wearing medieval clothes, cooking and eating medieval food, learning to fight with swords, shields and armor, and lots more! We encourage you to come find out more about what we do: new friends are always welcome!

Mystic Realms is a theatrical arts organization. Our program combines traditional theatric skills with live-action roleplaying to create an interactive theatric experience where the participant is both the actor and the audience.

At Mystic Realms players become the protagonist of their own story. Character opportunities are unlimited and include magic-slinging wizards, sword-swinging warriors, costumed super heroes, gun-toting futuristic soldiers, or even investigators of the paranormal. Be a courageous hero or cowardly knave; a noble knight of the old code or a secretive and shadowy rogue agent. The choice is yours.

Cosplay Wrestling

Cosplay Pro Wrestling returns to Fall 2019 SJ Geekfest (weather permitting) so gather round the ring in the lot at 1:30PM and prepare for an amazing show!!! 

Food Trucks !!!!

Potato Patoto

Not Your Mama's Tacos

Bake'n Bacon

Polish Water Ice

Cosplay Kickball is at 11:00AM